Clothes. It's the simple thing we have laying around our house and sometimes just thrown out. It's the things we try to teach our kids every day and that's how important those simple items are for others.

The Ada County Sheriff Employees Association announced a Shop with a Sheriff event that help 80 children get the clothes and items they need for school this year. That's a lifesaver for some of these kids and parents.

Shop with a Sheriff Event

It's the most difficult pill to swallow when you find out how disadvantaged children are living. The Boys and Girls clubs for instance talk about kids coming to the club with taped shoes. The parents tape the soles of the shoes to keep them in one piece. I remember very vividly how the director told me that a simple pair of shoes is like Christmas for kids in need. Think about that that the next time your kids tear up some shoes.

The Ada County Sheriff deputies and public safety employees came together making sure these 80 kids received some new clothes, shoes, backpacks, water bottles, and personal hygiene items. These kids got to show feeling their best for the first day of school and we should be very proud. These are the things we don't see and it's important we know about. What if we all put a few dollars together in our neighborhoods to help families?

That's $200 dollars in new things for each child. That's not used, new. Some of these children might never have had new stuff. Might be hard to believe if you're reading this but it's a fact.

Thanks to the Ada Sheriff Employees for helping take care of these families. Life can hit parents hard and sometimes you need some assistance. Pretty cool for these kids.

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