These are the moments that make me cringe just a little bit. There is a mountain lion out on a typical stroll in Eagle and it's all been caught on camera.

This is an alert to keep you safe, but you can see for yourself that we have some creepers in the middle of the night.

Mountain Lion Peeping In Your Window Boise, Meridian, and Eagle

I just added Boise and Meridian because you never know. The Ada County Sheriff just posted on Twitter a video of this sweet little mountain lion or cat. I'm not sure if you've ever seen a cat, but this isn't Garfield and nobody is walking up to pet this trespasser.

I know what you might say and it could run. These are the things I tell my son about spiders though. I have a feeling based upon videos that if that mountain lion is hungry, this might not be a casual visit.

You be the judge but that looks pretty big to me and larger than your pup. Be very careful and look through your cameras so we might be able to see where it goes. Do you remember this guy that stumbled upon this cat and some babies?


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