A new hot fad has come to Idaho, and law enforcement is not happy about it. The impact of the latest TikTok craze, devious licks, is such a problem that local law enforcement asks parents for social media help. Devious Licks is a TikTok that has students destroying school property and stealing items from teachers, reports Patch.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office issued the following statement to parents on their Facebook Page:


Hey parents — If your kids are on TikTok and tempted to participate in the "devious licks" school vandalism challenge, you should know you could end up getting stuck with a bill for several hundred dollars. Your child could end up on probation for a few years. They may have to spend several dozen hours doing community service. They may be suspended from school or banned from extracurriculars.

We're guessing that doesn't sound so great. So, parents – we need your help.

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz about how TikTok, the ubiquitous video-sharing program especially popular with kids, is responsible for a nationwide vandalism craze.

It's true. We've had instances of TikTok-inspired bathroom vandalism at our middle and high schools in Kuna, Eagle, and south Ada County.

Soap dispensers have been ripped off walls and put in toilets. Kids have torn paper towel and toilet paper dispensers off the walls; clogged toilets and trashed sinks; and sprayed sticky Kool-Aid concentrate on toilets, which is very hard to clean off.

This trend is so stupid and destructive – so pointless — that we have no tolerance for it.

Our school resource officers have identified several students who've been involved so far. Those kids all face some pretty severe consequences as we work with prosecutors to figure out what will happen.

We're not happy about any of this. It's just not worth it. So if our parents and guardians out there can help us stop this before it happens, we would be incredibly grateful.

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