America has had a love affair with its crimefighters. Whether it's fictional characters like Batman or their affinity for covering true crime murder mysteries, we can't get enough of the good guys. 

This weekend Idahoans will have a chance to meet one of America's most famous crime fighters, Dog the Bounty Hunter otherwise known as Dwane Chapman. Mr. Chapman has connections to Idaho as he lobbied to kill a law that would regulate bounty hunters. 


Fox News reported that Mr. Chapman couldn't carry a firearm because of a murder conviction in 1976. He lobbied against a law in 2016 that would've required Idaho bounty hunters to have an Idaho Conceal Carry permit. 

"If someone jumps from Hawaii or Colorado and goes to Idaho, we licensed bondsmen couldn't chase him there," he said. "We gotta call someone in the state of Idaho to help us out."


The Details of Dog In Idaho

"For the 15th Annual Idaho's Largest Garage Sale we've invited Dog the Bounty Hunter to meet our attendees. From 1:00pm to 4:00pm, fans of the show will have a chance to get an autograph and snap a picture with Dog."


Duane Chapman hasn't slowed down as most American's are retiring.  He turned seventy this year and is still hunting the bad guys, appearing on television, and even facing the supernatural.


Meet & Greet Schedule at Expo Idaho

Escaped Fugitive Captured Near Canadian Border After 3-Week Manhunt
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  • 1:00p-1:30p
  • 1:45p-2:15p
  • 2:30p-3:00p
  • 3:15p-4:00p 


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