Ammon Bundy made it official on Saturday in front of a crowd of hundreds in Emmett, Idaho, registering as a Republican Candidate for Governor. Bundy will now join the crowded field that will challenge Republican Incumbent Governor Brad Little. Little has yet to declare his candidacy for re-election but has begun to raise money.

Ammon Bundy for Governor Event

He told the crowd that in 2015 the Lord directed him and his family to move to Idaho. "The Lord put it in our hearts to move here," he shared. Mr. Bundy thought that his life would be at ease after his showdown with the government. Several folks have asked him to help the Hammond family in Burns, Oregon. A late-night article on their plight motivated him to drive to Oregon to help them.

The standoff in Malheur County was the focus of national attention costing Mr. Bundy's friend, Lavoy Finicum, his life. Bundy was held in federal prison along with members of his family. Most legal experts expected all the Bundys to be convicted of various crimes. The Bundy's went to court and beat the government.

Mr. Bundy has appeared at several events since his return to Idaho. He has been arrested at the statehouse while maintaining that his freedom has been violated due to mask mandates at the Ada County Courthouse.

"The purpose of the state of Idaho is to defend the rights of Idahoans," Mr. Bundy told an applauding crowd.

He said that the state should be a refuge against the growing tyranny throughout the country.  It appears his message is catching on as he currently is leading in a poll conducted by the Gem State Patriot.

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