Listen, we get it.

We’ve all got places to be.


Especially in the Treasure Valley, public transportation isn’t very prevalent here and many of us spend a lot of time in our cars.

We’re a commuter community that travels to and from places like work, school and the grocery store every single day…

And when you spend that much time in your vehicle, mistakes are bound to happen. 


Maybe you were running late for work, and tried to push your luck with the speed limit?

Maybe you were jamming out to your favorite radio station (103.5 Kiss FM, hollaaaaaa), and you didn’t realize how quickly you were going?

Maybe you were in a construction zone (because it seems like we constantly have construction happening on nearly every corner), and you didn’t realize the temporary speed limit change?


Whatever the reason may be, before you know it, you see those dreaded blue and red lights flashing in your rearview mirror and your heart sinks. 

Well, hopefully you’re already buckled up, boo, because we want to help you to try and get out of these sticky situations... but preferably, we'd like to avoid them altogether. 

Now, we are not condoning speeding... however, follow these simple guidelines if you happen to have a bit of a lead foot and want to avoid getting caught.

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