I’ll admit it: there’s not much that I love more than a delicious brunch and a good Bloody Mary.

Especially on a Sunday morning, and especially especially if I’m hungover.


However, not all Bloody Mary’s are created equal.

You’d think that it would be four simple steps: vodka, mix, garnish, done. 

However, for those of you who also love this wonderful and intricate drink, you understand that there’s a lot more to it than that. 


  • Is the mix homemade or store bought?
  • If you want it spicy, are the bartenders simply adding Tabasco, or do they have other methods?
  • What are the garnishes available? *Shout out to pickled asparagus and bacon, which are easily my two favorites.


To put it simply, not every place gets Bloody Mary’s right. Some are downright disgusting and disappointing. 

So, I was curious where the best ones are located within the Treasure Valley… partly for my own selfish reasons, but mostly to help my neighbors out. 

Because nothing is worse than looking forward to a Bloody Mary, and having it be awful.


So here are 11 bars and restaurants that locals recommended we go to, and I’ve got to say – I’m stoked to try some of these places out.

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