In a scene rivaling any Hollywood production, a daring prison escape occurred in Boise this morning at Saint Alphonsus Hospital. The escape has garnered national attention, and Idaho Law Enforcement issued a Blue Alert warning the public that the two assailants are armed and dangerous. 

Idaho is known as a low-crime state, and although there are officer-involved shootings, they are scarce. Today's escape would likely occur in Los Angeles, California, not Boise, Idaho.


  The escape began around two this morning as prison officials were transporting inmate Skylar Meade back to prison after receiving medical treatment. Boise Police say a man walked up and opened fire on the IDOC officers. Another was hit by a Boise Police Officer who responded to the shots fired at the hospital.   



Meade took off in a grey Honda Civic driven by Nicholas Umphenour with license plate 2TDF43U. 

State law enforcement officers are now actively looking for both suspects and have described them as armed and dangerous. If you see them or have information, please contact authorities by calling 911 or Ada County Dispatch at 208-377-6790.

We thank law enforcement for their work in keeping our community safe.

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