The Treasure Valley has survived another edition of Boise Pride Fest. Despite many comments on social media, the organizers pulled off a relatively incident-free significant event. Regardless of whether you are all about the festival or could do without it, there was one big takeaway that can't be ignored.

I'll admit I didn't attend the event. Still, the coverage and participation make me wonder why Boise government officials show up so big for Pride Fest but are silent about the city's lack of patriotism for the Fourth of July. The same area that was flooded with rainbow colors lacks any of the red, white, and blue decorations that other Idaho cities proudly display.

Why do all the big money sponsors spend their money on Pride Fest yet allow Boise to watch the Fourth of July Parade disappear? How many successful businesses donate money to honor veterans on Veteran's Day? Not only did we see every Boise Politician on social media, but we also saw media personalities who told us their objective but took part in the Pride event while giving their endorsement on social media.

  Everyone has an opinion, but I wonder what type of world we would live in if our elected officials, corporate sponsors, and journalists had the same passion for America they appear to have for the Boise Gay Pride Fest? Is it asking too much to have thousands of patriotic Idahoans show up over a national holiday to honor the country?

Am I the only one who finds it disappointing that we take our nation's independence for granted? Maybe one day the Boise mayor will have the same enthusiasm for our country.  



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