Idaho has had an incredible run of great publicity for several years. We all became accustomed to the state or Boise being at the top of just about any good list. Even a once-in-a-hundred-year pandemic could not deflate the good news coming out of Boise, Idaho.

Boise voters will soon decide if they will let the slide continue by either reelecting Boise Mayor Lauren McLean or her opponent Mike Masterson.

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US News ranks Boise as the 15th best place to live behind powerhouse cities like Huntsville, Alabama, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Portland, Maine, and other cities. Boise ranked father down the list when it comes to a nice place to retire. The publication says Boise is just within the 100 best places to retire, at 89th.

Boise's growth has impacted the quality of life for those living in the city or the surrounding areas. Affordable housing is the number one issue most Idahoans reveal when asked about their concerns for the future.

Years ago, if you couldn't afford a home in Boise, folks could afford to buy a home in the surrounding communities. However, the mass migration of remote workers brought upon by the Covid pandemic has priced most Idahoans out of affording a home. 


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