The campaign of former Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson received two significant endorsements as both the Boise Police and Fire unions endorsed his candidacy for Boise mayor. The endorsements are substantial.

Mr. Masterson is running on a platform of restoring trust in city government as a nonpartisan public servant. After a turbulent first four years in office, Boise Mayor Lauren McLean is seeking re-election. She beat long-time Mayor Dave Bieter in a surprise upset.

She's Happy

Mayor McLean is a Democrat that appeared on national television during the Democratic National Convention, reporting the number of ballots allocated to Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. She has close ties to the Biden Administration. The Mayor replaced both the police and fire chiefs when she was elected.

Her choice for police chief, Ryan Lee, led to a massive amount of turmoil and turnover causing Mr. Masterson to enter the race. The former Boise police chief was known for lowering crime, attracting outstanding officers to the force, and reducing crime during his time as Boise's police chief.

#1 Police

Boise Firefighters Local #149 President Jason Shuey said, "We need a mayor who truly listens to firefighters' needs. Who believes in and attempts to understand the real trauma we face keeping Boise families safe. Who builds relationships and respects the job we are asked to do every day by our community. We trust Mike to make the right calls as Mayor while supporting the men and women who serve the city of Boise. He is by far the best choice for the job."

International Brotherhood of Police Officers Local #486 President Guy Bourgeau said, "When he was our Chief of Police, he oversaw the largest city department while protecting tax dollars and keeping crime low. He never lost sight of his mission–to keep families safe while always respecting our community's civil liberties. Whether it's a question of skill or a question of values, this is an easy call: Mike Masterson should be the next Mayor of Boise."

Both Democrats and Republicans have endorsed Mr. Masterson. Mayor McLean continues to campaign for her reelection.

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