Somewhere across the country, Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, and Gavin Newsom are smiling. No, Biden wasn't reelected, but the city of Boise has taken a major left turn. The Boise mayor who championed the California governor's climate change agenda and Joe Biden's failed policy will have another four years to continue her mission to transform Boise into a suburb of Los Angeles.

Mayor McLean will now have a city council to allow her to spend more money on social programs from the left coast. The mayor made this election about progressive politics, running against Idaho's Trigger Law.

She's Happy

Mayors have little to do with state politics, although they enforce state laws. Mrs. McLean has stated that she will instruct the Boise Police Department not to follow or investigate possible violations of the Trigger Law. Or they are not to make it a priority. Does that make sense?

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Her move mirrors that of President Barrack Obama, who allowed weed to become legal because he refused to enforce the federal law against it. Perhaps Mayor McLean will be the first legitimate Democrat to make a fair run for governor.

On the surface, it may not seem like any Democrat could win statewide in Idaho. However, a McLean for Governor candidacy would attract a record amount of leftist money and media attention and would be a massive move to transform Idaho into a blue state.

Boise has electric buses; what's next? Gun restrictions for Boise homeowners? The new building code has gun restrictions. If you want to see Boise's future, look at California. Imitation is a superb form of flattery.

Perhaps Governor Newsom will teach Mayor McLean the game of basketball?

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