A dispute between a homeowner and his homeowner's association has once ignited cultural wars in Idaho. The current showdown is in Boise's Quail Ridge Subdivision. Last month, Jordan Hal displayed 'rainbow light's at night in honor of Gay Pride Month. His house was illuminated with all the rainbow colors, a symbol of Gay Pride.  

Now his HOA is told him to remove the lights within 48 hours, the Idaho Press reported. Mr. Hall told the Idaho Press that he feels threatened and targeted. The light display was inspired by Joe Biden's White House, which was illuminated by the White House last month.  


HOAs have been in the national news for years over similar restrictions. These disputes usually involve covenants, conditions, and restrictions. CC&Rs have restricted the display of political signs, parked cars, and in some extreme cases, the American flag.

The HOA sent a letter to Mr. Hall, calling his display distracting to drivers who are driving through the community. He did point out that many homeowners within the subdivision display Christmas lights during the Christmas season. The former California resident has hired noted constitutional attorney David Leroy to represent him against the HOA.

The attorney sent a letter back to the HOA with was shared with the Idaho Press.

“Any suggestion that one or more neighbors or the Association as an entity can opine that a gay-pride display on Jordan’s own home is such a sufficient ‘annoyance or nuisance’ or a ‘noxious or undesirable act’ to them that their opinion will allow the suppression of Jordan’s protected and supreme political views and rights of association seems extremely ill-founded in today’s world.”

What's Next?  A Lawsuit?

Both sides will meet next month to discuss a solution.  We will continue to update you on this story as it develops.


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