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Let me apologize in advance for sharing my opinion on the race to succeed Congressman Raul Labrador.  The following blog is my uncensored view of the candidates vying to become Idaho's next Congressman.

Sunday night featured the last, I believe, the debate between the contenders for Idaho's First Congressional District. For me, it was a tough call, considering the choices on television.
Do I watch the season finale of Homeland? Billions? The Steve Harvey Show with kids? Or Idaho Public Television's First Congressional Debate featuring a variety of folks running for office.

Sadly, I chose Homeland and Billions. Not to fear true believers, I did get a chance to view the big short debate and here are my thoughts on who has the best chance of winning.

Since we had the NFL Draft last week, I'll rank the contenders in descending order. (Once again, these are my personal views. All candidates are welcome to make their case with us every morning on KIDO Talk Radio.

OFF THE RADAR Nick Henderson was not on the stage last night. Just like the lottery, you can't win, if you don't play. I like Nick; I wish we could've heard his platform.

THE FREE AGENT Alex Gallegos did appear on the IPTV set last night. He's a military veteran and a nice man. I've never heard of him before last night. I don't know why he's running, but I wish him luck.

THE LONG SHOT Representative Luke Malek has made waves with his recent television buy attacking Russ Flucher. He plans to use the North along with the Millennial Vote to win the district. I don't see that coalition being broad enough to win the day.

THE MAVERICK Representative Christy Perry is the only female candidate. She has a strong constituency in Canyon County to make her case to the voters. Perry has invested in radio along with working the Second Amendment Community. She could be a surprise winner if the female vote unites behind her. (Although her comments during the debate about 58 White men in Congress will hurt her with men.

THE OUTSIDER Michael Synder is the best selling author who's known nationally for his work. You cannot miss his campaign's efforts if you live in the district. Mr. Synder has galvanized a grassroots army to take his message to the masses. He could pull off the upset with his motivated constituents.

THE CONTENDER David Leroy the artist formerly known as 'Citizen Dave' has put together a campaign that has everything. He's everywhere in the district, has paid electronic and digital media and statewide name recognition. His path to Congress involves a split in the votes between Michael Synder and the front-runner.

THE FRONT RUNNER Russ Fulcher is running to replace his former colleague in the statehouse. The Fulcher Campaign is both disciplined in message and media. National conservative groups endorsed him which aid in fundraising and paid media buys.

Is there anything newsworthy in creating this list? That's up to you. In politics, anything can change within the final few weeks. If Conventional Wisdom ruled the day, then we'd have President Clinton in office. Agree or Disagree? Call me during our morning show on KIDO Talk radio. I'd like to hear what you have to say on my congressional rankings.


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