This week we are broadcasting our show from the worldwide headquarters of Fox News and Fox News Radio, New York City. We're here because Wednesday night, the Kevin Miller Show and four other shows across the country have been named finalists for the medium market personality of the year award as recognized by the National Association of Broadcasters. You can read more about the event here.

This nomination is the fourth time that the Kevin Miller Show has been a finalist for this award; once when I lived in Birmingham, Alabama, and three times from our current location in Boise, Idaho. We won the award as the best show in the country in 2014. You can see the video below. 

I've appreciated everyone who has shared their messages of support and confidence in supporting the show. I want to say regardless of what happens Wednesday night, we've already won because this program continues to grow in our Idaho community. 

Take a look at Kevin Miller's time in Boise.

Kevin Miller Through The Years

Very few broadcasters have made the kind of impact on the Treasure Valley that Kevin Miller has over the years.
Always dawning a smile and a positive attitude, Kevin is known for his laugh and his good works. This is a glimpse at the Kevin Miller that our community loves.

The program may have my name, but you are the driver of the content and passion. Most morning radio shows are about giving away money, giving you a laugh, or a chance to win tickets. Our program is about you voicing your opinion and making a difference. 

I want to thank you for making a difference; now, let me share with you some of the unique elements of New York City that I've observed so far on my visit here. 

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President Biden Arrives in Boise

President Biden is greeted by protesters during his visit to Boise, Idaho.


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