Boise Mayor Lauren McLean announced Thursday the formation of a climate task force.  The task force will be called the Climate Action Division.  It's job will be to prepare the city to deal with climate change.  Current staff members of the city will make up the group.  A press release from the city states that Boise will position itself as a national leader on handling climate change.

“I can’t overstate the significance of this team’s creation,” said Mayor McLean. “I’ve said from day one that meaningful impact for our community requires bold action not big talk. The formation of Boise’s first-ever Climate Action Division places climate solutions and innovation at the center of our efforts to create opportunity for everyone, take steps to ensure our community recovers economically, and prepares us for the future ahead.”

The release says that our area will face significant climate challenges.  The mayor recently commented that she will not be distracted by the current campaign to recall her.

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