It's summertime in Idaho, which means it won't be long—less than two weeks—before the Boise Music Festival arrives in Garden City on June 22nd. Boise Music Festival, or BMF, has been the go-to free music festival in the Mountain West for well over ten years.

Inflation has hit every aspect of our lives in America. Eggs, gas, fast food, and entertainment costs have all risen due to President Joe Biden's economy, known as Bidenomics. However, there is nowhere else in our state, perhaps the region and the country, where you can see amazing world-class entertainers for free.

The national acts are undoubtedly significant, but did you know over forty local acts will be performing at various stages throughout the day? These are the artists who started as garage bands, just like many of us, and have worked their way up the ranks. Their journey is not just inspiring but also a testament to the rich music culture of our community.

Over the years, the Boise Music Festival has hosted a stellar lineup of music icons, from Brett Michaels, the Backstreet Boys, MC Hammer, Train, to Pitbull and Jellyroll. Idahoans continue to ready themselves for another unforgettable musical experience!

Food vendors, a carnival, and other attractions will allow you to pass the day for free. Who can forget the Sugar Hill Gang? They were the first group that brought rap to mainstreet America. How about Dustin Lynch? And for those BMF historians, the return of Jason Durillo. There's still time to win your free tickets. Although you can buy tickets as well. To win free tickets, listen to your favorite Townsquare Media radio station.

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Boise Music Festival Setup & Exclusive Behind the Scenes Photos

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