Organizers of this week's Boise Pride Fest have emailed their supporters and sponsors that the scheduled child's drag show will be cancelled from the weekend's events.  The reaction to the announced kid's drag show caused a significant reaction of social media.  At the time of this publication, Zion's Bank, Idaho Power, and Idaho Department of Health and Welfare had announced they were cancelling their sponsorships.

The Chairwoman of the Idaho Republican Party issued several statements of concern over the kids show.  Conservatives rallied to share their displeasure with event supporters. The Republicans called for a boycott of the event sponsors who've been overwhelmed by the call to arms.

We have obtained the following email from the Boise Pride Fest Organizers


While the vast majority of our sponsors and supporters have voiced their support for the Boise Pride Festival and the Drag Kids program, we have made the very difficult decision to postpone this performance due to increased safety concerns. The health and well-being of the kids, their parents, and the attendees of the Festival are our priority. 

The kids who were going to perform have the enthusiastic support of their community and support and consent of their parents. We support the kids 1000% and their choice to be themselves, stand in their truth, and express themselves. They are brave, beautiful and deserve their chance to be in the spotlight, and we want to give that to them at a later date.

Boise Mayor Responds to Cancellation.

The following is a written statement from Mayor McLean:

“I appreciate the actions the Boise Pride Festival is taking to protect everyone who will join in their celebration this weekend. I applaud their continued focus on providing a positive, inclusive, community-based event where our LGBTQIA+ friends, neighbors, and family members can come together in celebration and community.

Boise is always at its best when we come together, stand shoulder to shoulder with one another. That’s what it takes to be a city for everyone. The inflammatory rhetoric of the past few days has put a spotlight on the critical need for our community to have a conversation about standing together in times like these to encourage, embrace, and support the diversity and dignity of all people. I hope to see many of you at the festival this weekend.”


We'll continue to update you on this story as it continues to develop.

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