Although Boise may not be Seattle when it comes to the country's coffee capital, we do love our coffee in the Treasure Valley. Every street or corner seems to have a coffee shop where you can get your favorite cup of coffee, however simple or complicated your tastes may be.

However, a new coffee shop that's opened up in Boise clearly differentiates itself from any coffee company in Idaho. It may not be the distinctive coffee, but what the baristas are wearing will surely attract your attention.

The Boise coffee community is not home to Bare Beans Bikini Coffee. That's right; it's been over ten years since our area had a coffee shop where the baristas are clad in a bikini. We took a trip there to speak with owners Braden and Kylie Nelson. (FYI, if you're looking for their location, it's on Fairview near the McDowells location or at 10249 West Fairview Avenue.)


They shared with us that it has been their dream to open a coffee shop to serve the public. "We have wanted to open a Coffee stand for years. It's always been Kylie's dream to do it. We originally met when we were 20 and working for the same company. She was a barista, and I was the coffee delivery man. We had been looking for months in Boise and finally found a spot that worked, and the numbers made sense. Fairview is a great area with tons of vehicle traffic."

Braden told us to get attention; he held up a sign urging motorists to try their coffee while wearing nothing but a bikini. He told us the public has been receptive to their new take on coffee.
"The reaction has been great so far; we have tons of positive reviews and want people to know it's not only the bikinis; we sell good coffee first and foremost; that's how we make money. We source some of our ingredients locally, including the coffee beans. Luckily Boise has a growing coffee culture, and we feel like we can fill a spot here."

What has been the reaction to bikini-clad baristas serving coffee in Boise? Has the couple heard any negative reaction from critics who disagree with their mission?

Braden spoke with us on the First Amendment in Boise and America.

"As far as the critics, well, there are always critics. There is nothing illegal happening; it's nothing worse than you would find going to a public pool, river, water park, or even the gym. The Everett Washington case was just settled in federal court last year. It upheld bikini coffee stands right to wear what they want. They found that the city's dress code policy violated the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment and unfairly discriminated against women. In addition, it's within our 1st Amendment right to freedom of expression. Bikini stands are intrinsically American; it's a part of what make's this country great. If somebody is offended, they don't have to come here, but we welcome everyone regardless and hope to change some minds."

The couple invites you to stop by and grab a cup of great-tasting coffee.

Inside The New Bare Beans Bikini Coffee in Boise

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