We all know the story of the commitment between the chicken and the pig. The chicken lays the eggs, and the pig becomes the meal. A Caldwell dog's devotion is making national headlines for his quest to catch a squirrel. However, the chase led to the canine being rescued by the Caldwell Fire Department.

The Fire Department shared this story on their Facebook Page: 

"Well, definitely not a cat in a tree. Caldwell Fire and Caldwell Police responded to a dog stuck in a tree, this afternoon. After much coaxing, the canine was brought safely to the ground. Perhaps, he will not be so persistent, next time, in chasing squirrels."

Izzy, the dog's story goes viral, with publications like Breitbart and the Huffington Post covering the story. The Post got details on how Izzy got stuck in the tree.  "His owner Christina Danner said in the comments. He got up there while chasing a squirrel, though Danner noted he was “never even close” to catching it."

Check Out Amazing Photos Of Caldwell Fire Department Saving Izzy

Thank You Caldwell Fire Department

Several folks shared their reactions to Izzy's story on Facebook:


This is a first. He deserves to be on a late night talk show or
The Talk of the Table with Gayle King.


Love this. What a great story. My 8 year old granddaughter said Nana that the happiest thing I've heard all day.

To catch a squirrel you must become a squirrel. Lol
Great Job fire fighters !!!! Love you all.

That’s too funny. I’ve seen a dog climb a tree but not to that extent!!  Ty for getting him down.

We have a Mountain Cur that has just started climbing an apple tree in the yard. Not nearly that high though! They are a breed that trees squirrels and not uncommon to climb. Glad this guy got some help getting down!

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