California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed some of the most restrictive gun legislation in the country. The liberal governor, who many believe will replace President Biden as the Democratic nominee for president, describes himself as a reasonable politician concerning the Second Amendment and gun rights. However, these new California laws are designed to limit Californians' ability to keep and bear arms.

Did Newsom Ban the Second Amendment in California?

No, Governor Newsom didn't ban the Second Amendment in California. Any state law that eliminates the Bill of Rights would be unconstitutional. The gun grabber-in-chief signed laws to make owning guns and ammunition unaffordable.

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It doesn't pay, or you'll pay double to own guns and ammunition in the crime-infested kingdom of Newsom. The New York Post reported that California has doubled the taxes on firearms and ammunition. The additional revenue will allegedly be used to fund school safety programs. 

The Post describes additional restrictions of the new legislation. 'The new rules are a reaction to a new standard for interpreting the nation's gun laws that the U.S. Supreme Court issued last year. California's new law bans people from carrying guns in nearly all public places — including public parks and playgrounds — public demonstrations and gatherings, amusement parks, churches, banks and any place where alcohol is sold.'

Conservative gun rights groups have already announced they will take the new Newsom gun laws to court seeking to get them thrown out. The California governor will get a chance to defend his gun grabbing during a debate with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.  We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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