Gavin Newsom has been called the next great national Democrat. Some political experts believe the governor of California has quietly been running a stealth campaign for the White House.

California Gov. Newsom And CA Attorney Gen. Becerra Hold News Conference Responding To Trump Revoking State's Emissions Waiver
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Although, he is not in the presidential succession line or on the national Democratic Ticket. As reported here, Galavanting Gavin traveled to Idaho for a secret pep rally benefitting Gem State Liberals.

California is a failed nation-state. Thousands, if not millions, have left the state due to high taxes, lawless streets, and a state debt that continues to rise. Despite those challenges, Governor Newsom visited China and traveled to the Red States, looking to pick fights with Republican governors.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
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He now has a fight with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis that will be televised Thursday night on the Fox News Channel. The debate will take place at 7 pm Mountain Time and will be hosted by Sean Hannity. There was a movement attempting to have the Gem State host the clash of political titans. 

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Geraldo Rivera Launches His New Book "The Geraldo Show: A Memoir"
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The debate is both a great opportunity and a challenge for both contenders. Florida Governor DeSantis is running second to President Donald Trump in the Republican Presidential Primary. A slip could derail his campaign, or a win could elevate his campaign.

Governor Newsom faces a similar dilemma: a big win, and he's, at the very least, Joe Biden's backup. If he gets trashed, he's weakened in his attempt to lead the party post-Joe Biden. The coming battle for the soul of the Democratic party was detailed here.

Sean Hannity will have his hands full as both candidates, especially Newsom, will look to push the rules to gain an advantage.

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