When we last left the state of California, the governor was detailing his plan to deal with the state's deficit, which continues to grow. Thankfully, Governor Newsom said he would veto a bill banning youth football. We're glad to know the governor has his priorities in order. 


California, the state that has given us so many new Idahoans, rolling blackouts, illegal immigrants getting free sex changes, and unreasonable climate standards, is now looking to eliminate people who speed. 

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A new bill in the California legislature would mandate that vehicles be prohibited from going more than ten miles over the speed limit. Imagine buying one of the world's most exotic and fast cars only to be required to install a device that limits its speed.

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It may seem farfetched, but California Democrat State Senator Scott Wiener says his bill SB 961 would save lives. If the bill is passed, California car and truck drivers must install speed-regulating devices. The mandate would begin in 2027. No word on how much money it would cost California drivers to purchase state-approved devices. 


The senator told the San Francisco Chronicle that too many people are dying on California roads. He believes that limiting the speed of vehicles will save lives. 

"We have speed limits, and they exist for a reason. And it's perfectly reasonable to say you can't travel more than 10 miles over the speed limit," Wiener said. "That's what this bill will do. It's very reasonable, and it's an idea whose time has come."

California's unique laws and regulations fuel the continued departure from the state. We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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