Ok, so you've discovered the awesomeness that is Idaho, in particular, the Treasure Valley. And despite the occasional shade you encounter from native Idahoans, you're not going anywhere. You're officially a transplant. Now, it'll take some time, but eventually, they'll stop hating you. Until then, here are some of the things you'll need to truly get into the spirit of being a true transplant in Idaho.

  • Credit: Joe Raedle / Staff |Getty Images
    Credit: Joe Raedle / Staff |Getty Images

    Beer Growler

    There's a BIG craft beer scene here in the Treasure Valley. You're sure to get some points with the natives if you walk into 10 Barrel, Lost Grove, Boise Brewing, or any of the dozens of other great local breweries with a growler in your hand. Extra points if you have Idaho-themed stickers on it, you can always get those at my favorite local shop, Banana Ink.

  • Credit: Cristiano Ribeiro | ThinkStock
    Credit: Cristiano Ribeiro | ThinkStock

    Floating Device

    If there's one thing I've learned, it's that the majority of folks who call Idaho their home LOVE to be outdoors, preferably near a body of water. So, a good floatation device of some sort shoved in your trunk is a good idea. Whether its a tube, an inflatable stand up paddle board (they refer to them as SUPs here), or heck, no one's going to judge you if you float the Boise River on an inflatable twin mattress.

  • Credit; Doug Pensinger | Getty Images
    Credit; Doug Pensinger | Getty Images

    Bleed Blue & Orange

    Idahoans are serious about their football. And if you're relocating to Boise specifically, you better have some Blue and Orange in your drawers. Even if you're not the biggest fan Boise State athletics, you'll score some definite points and you won't get THAT big of an eye-roll when you tell 'em you're from NorCal.

  • Credit: krechet | ThinkStock
    Credit: krechet | ThinkStock

    Camping Gear

    Remember when I told you Idahoans like to be outdoors, yeah, they like to sleep outdoors too! Camping is a VERY popular activity in the Gem State. Luckily, there are a TON of amazingly beautiful campgrounds (like THIS ONE), that are pretty close to city limits that you'll be able to check out. So, as long as you have a tent and a sleeping bag, you'll fit right in

  • Credit: wasanti | ThinkStock
    Credit: wasanti | ThinkStock

    Fry Sauce

    Ok, this one takes some getting used to. Us Californians are pretty used to getting ranch as a dipping side for our fries and pizza...but here in Idaho....it's all about their 'Fry Sauce'. A combination of ketchup and mayonnaise (I know, sounds gross right). But you'll see this little orange goodness EVERYWHERE. And please, take it from me, whatever you do, DO NOT REFUSE THE FRY SAUCE. That is like, thee biggest giveaway that you're a transplant and you'll get major eye-rolls for that one.

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