You don't have to be a rabid fan of the HBO series Game of Thrones to understand the phrase, 'winter is coming.' In some parts of our state, winter leaves for about a month or two. Multiple weather reports say it's time to ditch the lawnmower and break out the snow shovel.

Winds of Winter 2018 George RR Martin

Our weather watchers have already reported slight snowfalls in the New Meadows area. They tell us that snow is already covering some of Brundage. The culprit for this early Gem State snow is several massive storms that will hit the Pacific Northwest this week. Areas like the Treasure Valley are expected to rain, while the mountain areas will see snow.

Folks looking to hike, camp, hunt, or fish in the mountains should consult local weather forecasts as often as possible. It's Idaho, where the sun is out one minute, and the next, it's snowing heavily. Accuweather details how big these expected storms will be this week. "At least six more storms are likely to roll across the northern Pacific and push inland over the Northwest through the first few days of November. The storms are likely to be separated by a day or two of dry weather in between."


Drivers should use extreme caution as snow accumulates on the ground. Several body shop owners call the first several snowfalls' white gold' due to so many drivers colliding with one another. Snowfall on the roads means slick conditions and the probability of 'black ice,' which cannot be seen and causes drivers a false sense of security. 

Here is a link to our article providing winter weather driving tips. 

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