Idahoans love the outdoors regardless of the weather conditions. This weekend's snowfall presents an excellent opportunity for folks to break out the skis, sleds, ATVs, horses, and who knows whatever means of transportation. Seeing folks bicycling to work in deep snow during early morning hours is not unusual. 

In my neighborhood, I've already seen ATVs speeding through snow-covered streets, and it won't be long before they'll pull sleds.


Some vehicles are made for challenging terrain and weather conditions. At the same time, others shouldn't be allowed on any street in Idaho. The famous saying in Idaho regarding weather is, if you don't like the weather in Idaho, wait ten minutes, and it will change." Whether it's freezing rain, snow, black ice, or fog, Idahoans need reliable vehicles to get them from one point to another.

YouTube/ Charles Russel 87
YouTube/ Charles Russel 87

Finding the correct type of vehicle can be confusing. Does it pay to buy a four-wheel drive car or truck? An all-wheel drive would be more reliable. Can you go wrong with a front-wheel drive vehicle?


Once you have a suitable vehicle, don't forget to make sure you have plenty of traction. We often overlook the importance of tires when it comes to vehicle safety. If your tires are worn down, it won't matter how advanced your car or truck navigates the winter roads. Worn-down tires mean your ability to stop, start, or get started will be impaired. No one wants to live the term 'slip sliding away in severe winter driving conditions.

We've gone over what to look for in a vehicle for driving in the snow; now, let's look at cars you don't want to be riding in during a significant snowfall.

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