You don't need to be a fan of Game of Thrones to realize that Winter is not coming, but Winter is here in Idaho. We've seen several days of snowstorms, and now we're hearing the big one is on the way. If you haven't done your weekly grocery shopping, prepare to see a lot of folks stocking up for items.

ACHD reports that they're taking the upcoming weather situation seriously. Ada County High District is in charge of the most roads in Ada County.


The weather forecasters predict a massive winter storm with snow and showers beginning Friday morning. Meteorologists say that Saturday. The weather front is intimidating, and some say it's best to stay home this weekend.

Idaho has a small population but is a large state geographically. Idaho roads can be treacherous, especially along the many mountain passes within the Gem State.



Some media outlets are declaring a blizzard warning. A blizzard is where you can't see in front of you due to wind and snow.

Here are a few safety tips if you're new to Idaho or it's been a while since Snowmageddon.

Monitor the media to find out the latest on the storm. Today, you can find anything you need through your phone or laptop. Stay informed if you're thinking of going out or traveling.

Make sure you have enough supplies. It's wild to think about it, but do you have enough food or other items in the fridge? Get a couple of gallons of water in containers if you need a water supply or the power goes out.

Look outside to ensure your faucets are protected from the cold. Pipes should be insulated, and if it gets too cold, open up your cabinets to allow the heat to warm the interior pipes.
CHARGE your devices if the power goes out so you can stay current on the latest weather conditions. Check to make sure your first aid kit is available.

If you don't have to travel, stay home and shovel snow. Or better yet, have someone clear your driveway or hire a kid. Good Luck!

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