Every media outlet is predicting that our area will be hit with a significant snowstorm this afternoon. If you're new to Idaho, you might be surprised that this is big news. The Treasure Valley is a unique geographic location that protects most of the area from massive snowfalls seen around the state.

Newcomers to Idaho who are experiencing their first snowstorm are studying every weather forecast known to man. What do you do if this is your first snowstorm? There's still time to go to the store, grab some supplies, and gas up your vehicles. Of course, we always marvel at the big rush to go to the store to stock up on necessities. However, you'll eat the food anyway, so there's no harm in getting stocked up.


-32 Degrees in Donnelly

Our winter weather watcher reporter, Jerry, shared the temperature in Donelly with us. Let's go over the obvious: when it's this cold outside, stay inside; if you go outside, cover every body part and limit your exposure to the extreme cold. If you're driving, bring winter clothing and blankets in case you break down.    



We all have little patience for getting from one place to another. However, when the temperatures are this cold and the snow is flying, it's best to let your car warm up before hitting the road. It's dangerous and irresponsible to begin driving if your windows are not cleared of ice and snow. The conditions are not ideal, which means you need all the visibility you can get while going.

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