In a concerted effort to enhance pedestrian safety, the Caldwell Police Department conducted a targeted crosswalk enforcement operation today. The operation, aimed at the light-controlled crosswalks located on 10th/Elgin and Indiana in front of the YMCA, resulted in a shocking number of traffic stops and infractions.

According to the Caldwell Police Department, there were 39 incidents during this operation. Find a list of the violations below.

CPD's Facebook post claims there were 16 traffic stops for crosswalk violations during the operation. Out of these stops, 9 crosswalk-related infractions were issued, while an additional 7 written warnings were handed out to offenders. Furthermore, 5 other infractions were issued, and 2 verbal warnings were given.

The crackdown comes as part of an ongoing effort in the Treasure Valley to address pedestrian safety concerns. In a statement released alongside the operation results, the Caldwell Police Department emphasized the importance of both drivers and pedestrians being more aware on the roads.

"Please be aware when you’re driving, watch for pedestrians. Pedestrians, don’t assume drivers can see you!" the department urged in their statement.

This enforcement operation highlights just how many cases there might be at any given moment, so this comes as an urgent update for the Boise area to please keep your eyes open and stay alert — especially with the better weather on the horizon. This means more people will be at the crosswalks. Drive safe!

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