A prominent Republican presidential candidate rarely gets close to Idaho. We've documented our attempts to entice former President Donald Trump to visit for several years.

The Gem State has had visits by Democrat Presidents Obama and Biden. (It is odd that Idaho's super-Republican majority works against attracting high-profile political operatives. The folks in Washington DC take our support for granted, so they don't allocate resources like money, candidates, and staff.) 

President Trump has been in our neighborhood but has not visited the Gem State. Now his most prominent challenger for the 2024 Republican Presidential Nomination will be very close to Idaho this week. How close? The time it takes to drive to Salt Lake City, Utah, which is where Florida Governor Ron Desantis will visit this Friday.   

  The social conservative will be holding a press-only event at the Utah Capitol. KSL News reported that the Florida governor's appearance is not a fundraiser but is part of his plan to capture the Republican nomination. Utah, unlike Idaho, was the home of failed presidential candidate Evan McMullen. Perhaps the Florida governor will hold a fundraiser while visiting Utah.    



The Beehive State could be a crucial state for the DeSantis Campaign's success. The state has long been one of the few Republican dominated states that have not embraced the election of former President Donald Trump.

Utah State Sen. Todd Weiler explained how DeSantis could win the nomination against the heavily favored former president. “I’m afraid if my party nominates Trump again, then we’ll lose again to Joe Biden.”

We will continue to monitor this story and hopefully one day report that both President Trump and Governor DeSantis will visit Idaho.

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