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It seems that Amazon is everywhere.  Want some food?  Amazon will send you to Whole Foods.  Looking for anything that can be delivered?  Amazon will send it to you for free if you're a member of Amazon Prime.  Goods from Amazon are so in demand, they've gotten into the shipping business.  Have you seen the new Amazon delivery vehicles?  Well, one major delivery company has an issue with Amazon building its own fleet of delivery vehicles.

Fed Ex is cutting ties with Amazon and says it will no longer make deliveries for the online retail giant. The announcement comes as Amazon is building up its own fleet of delivery vehicles, leaving it less reliant on services like Fed Ex and the U.S. Postal Service.

Amazon is the one of the most profitable companies in the world.  Yet, they have not paid taxes on their revenue for years.  Candidates from both political parties have criticized the government for failing to hold Amazon accountable.

Last month, Fed Ex claimed that Amazon's growing in-house delivery service would cut into its revenue shares.  The company says Amazon orders accounted for about 1.3 percent of its total 2018 revenue. Other retailers continue to look at ways to combat Amazon's dominance.  Wal Mart has purchased an online retailer and is looking for other ways to cut into Amazon market share.

Is Amazon getting too big?  How often do you buy things online vs. going to a physical store?


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