Kevin Miller begins today show from Independence Indoor Shooting in Meridian, Idaho.  Kevin reports on the fallout between President Trump and the press over his visit to Russia.  Kevin Miller interviews several listeners who stop by to shoot their weapons.  Treasure Valley listeners call in to complain about how the press is mistreating the president.  Kevin Miller interviews best selling author, James Hirsen, on the Summer movie season.

Kevin Miller reports on the controversy involving the use of chip sealing Treasure Valley roads to keep them up to code every Summer.  The practice results in thousands of windshields being cracked and needing to be repaired annually.  Listeners call in voicing their own conclusions on how to fix the roads without chip sealing them.

Kevin Miller interviews Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea of the Meridian Police Department.  They discuss how the 'lip sync challenge' has helped officer morale and community policing efforts in Meridian.



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