Bryan Harsin continues to be the number one most talked about topic in college football. Paul Finebaum, the host of the ESPN Paul Finebaum that covers everything in the SEC, is used to taking compelling phone calls.

In fact, there's an entire documentary from ESPN dedicated to a phone call Finebaum received after the Iron Bowl featuring Alabama vs. Auburn. The caller was convicted of poisoning the historic trees as Toomer's Corner in Auburn, Alabama.  Once again, a call to his show has caused considerable speculation in the college football world. Dale from Boise called to defend Bryan Harsin.

It is very unusual for someone from Idaho to call into a show that is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dale and Finebaum debated the issue of Harsin's competency.  

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Some social media analysts are speculating that Dale could be Bryan Harsin's dad. If you listen to Dale, he seems to know a lot about Coach Harsin's career history. Some have speculated that Dale's voice and syntax are similar to Bryan Harsin's. According to the google page on Bryan Harsin, his middle name is Dale to throw more speculation on who Dale is.   Finebaum told Mark Helm at that he received a lot of reactions from folks across the country reacting to his call with Dale in Boise.  


"Then, last night and this morning, I started getting texts from media friends of mine who said they had friends listen to that and they think it is Harsin's father. I'm like, 'OK,' so I got to the studio today and we listened to that and we listened to some other tape of him from a couple of months or a year ago. I'm a talk show host. I'm not an FBI voice analyzer, but it certainly sounds like the same guy who was on television as Bryan Harsin's father."

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So is Dale from Boise Bryan Harsin's Dad? Listen to the show here and let us know what you think. The call begins at 8:07 in the first hour of the show. 

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