All great runs must come to an end, whether it's in sports, employment or low gas prices.  Some speculate the rise, once again , in Gem State gas prices is attributable to the end of the mandatory stay at home order.  Or are we getting ready for the usual excuse from big oil that gas prices have to go up as we switch from winter to summer blend.  Regardless of the reasons, gas prices in Idaho are going us.  Congratulations Gem Staters we're number three in the country when it comes to pain gain at the pump.


Is there a reason for the current hike in gas prices?  AAA issued a press release with a variety of reasons.  We'll get to those in a minute, but here's a look at the price of gas around the state thanks to AAA.

Boise - $2.31

Coeur d’Alene - $1.92

Franklin - $2.24

Idaho Falls - $2.19

Lewiston - $1.98

Pocatello - $2.20

Twin Falls - $2.24

Here's Matthew Conde courtesy of AAA.   “Here in Idaho, we saw a period of rapid descent as gas prices dropped during the height of the COVID-19 stay-home orders,” Conde said.  “’Rapid ascent’ will be a recurring theme at the pump in the weeks to come, especially as families begin to take part in the Great American Road Trip.”

The bipartisan issue that both sides continue to avoid is that Idaho is too dependent on the refineries in Salt Lake City, Utah.  A real visionary would advocate building an Idaho refinery that would drastically lower the cost of gasoline to Idahoans.

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