Idaho is blessed with hot springs and if you're a local you may know some out of the way springs that you can hike into and enjoy without the crowds. Otherwise you may end up at Kirkham which was great until the not so nature conscious masses discovered it and turned it into their own personal city dump ( but that's a story for another time). This article is about one of my favorite hot springs opening re-opening but its not for everyone.

Many years ago a local in McCall told me about Gold Forks Hot Springs and I decided to take the dirt road drive to see what it was all about. Upon arriving I was charmed by the simplicity of the set up. The Zen like gray haired attendant in the yurt was very fitting for a relaxing afternoon. The pools were clean, hot and remote enough to make me feel like I was away from the world and could connect with nature. Deer were visible from the pools and I definitely fell in love with the place. Two weeks ago when I tried to go for a day trip I was disappointed that they were still closed but according to their website Gold Forks Hot Springs will be reopening on July 16th but not for everyone. If you do not have proof of vaccination and a photo ID you will not be allowed entry. Additionally their website also says that unvaccinated children will not allowed. Below are a few other things you should know before you go to Gold Forks Hot Springs.

Pool Policies

  • Private Facility
  • Open All Holidays
  • Cash or Check Only. NO CREDIT CARDS
  • No Reservations Needed.
  • Non-swimmers are required to pay admission, regardless of whether they enter the pools.
  • No alcohol and no glass please.
  • All trash is pack in pack out.
  • No smoking facility / No smoking anywhere past the gates

Our Amenities

  • Changing Rooms that are Heated
  • Free Lockers
  • Geothermal Heated Sidewalks
  • Lost and Found

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