So, if you’ve taken a step outside, you know there’s a major cold front hitting Idaho. Some places are getting hit by snow, especially in McCall, Nampa, and a lot of South East Idaho. 


You’re probably thinking about how on earth you’re going to stay warm doing really ANY activity outdoors right now. But, this one may be your answer.


But first, let’s take a look at the cold front coming in.


This storm and winter advisory may actually be a good thing, though! Idaho was predicting a drought, so the snow falling has been a huge relief for locals. Especially farmers.


Here’s more on that:


As Drought Looms, McCall Snow Storm Could Be Answer


This winter has actually been surprisingly dry (even though the temperatures have been low, per usual) compared to other years.


I mean, take a look at winter in Boise in 2017 - that was a hoot!


Snowmageddon 2017

It was the winter that we'll never forget in the Treasure Valley -- scroll down to see these freezing cold photos


But with all this cold weather, you might be thinking - is there a way to stay warm? Or do I just have to stay inside to prevent freezing to death?


Well, great question!


And the answer is no. You can actually do this activity OUTSIDE and still STAY WARM!


What is it, you ask? Going to the hot springs! Here is the ultimate list of locations nearby:


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But the list doesn’t end there. Idaho is full of “clothing optional” hot springs. You know, if you’re into that kind of thing.


Here’s the list of nude hot springs:


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Private Hotsprings Pool at SnowSprings Pool House One Hour From Boise Airbnb

This stunning Airbnb Cabin is only about an hour drive from Boise. Get quite a staycation, complete with private hotsprings and unbelievable views. The rock work and massive wooden columns are quite impressive.


There are also some other really fun winter activities to do in Idaho. They may be a little chillier than some hot springs, but no less fun!

Our personal favorite? Snow Tubing!


Here are the top 10 Snow Tubing spots in Idaho:


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