It's not looking good for the gem state when it comes to handling the Coronavirus.  The rates of infection continue to rise and the state has been stuck at stage 4 for what seems like an eternity.  Ada County has been at stage 3 and could go to stage 2 according to experts with knowledge of the situation.   Governor Brad Little urged Idahoans to ramp up personal actions to slow the spread of the virus to protect lives.  Governor Little shared the following in a release:

“Our personal actions work better to slow the spread of coronavirus than anything else. Our personal actions are free of cost and a minor sacrifice relative to the rewards,” Governor Little said. “This is about personal responsibility – something Idaho is all about. Wear a mask. Watch your distance from others. Wash your hands. Do these things so our kids can stay in school, our loved ones stay safe, and our economy can continue to prosper.”

Governor Little emphasized the direct connection between rising COVID-19 case counts in communities and strain on healthcare facilities. Increased community spread results in more healthcare workers getting sick and more hospitalized Idahoans, impacting Idahoans’ access to ordinary essential health care.

“This has been the goal of our COVID-19 response from the beginning – slow the spread of the virus so you and your family do not lose access to critical care for ordinary health care, a situation that damages lives and our economy,” Governor Little said.

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