President Trump is back and Covid 19 free according to his doctors.  The president was in rare form last night in Florida rallying the base for his reelection.  Whether it's Covid coverage, the Supreme Court, or take your pick, it's been a year that we'll all remember for quite sometime.  The virus has changed the way candidates run for office and could leave a lasting impact on how officials run for office.

A tale of two campaigns... who will win?

The Biden Campaign has decided to stick to the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control.  That means the former vice president will appear in public wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.  Biden could return to the basement if he truly believes his poll numbers.  Most national polls have Biden winning easily.  But, have we seen this movie before?

The president is once again blazing his own trail.  He's committed to rallying his supporters across the country.  Although most states are in lock-down, the president continues to draw large and massive crowds.  A stark comparison when you look at what Joe Biden is doing.

President Trump rejected the idea of a virtual debate, so we will not have one that was previously scheduled for this Thursday night.  Some of Biden's supporters are urging the former vice president to skip the last debate.  Others have told him that they believe a third debate will help Biden.

Regardless of your political position, it would be a loss if the American public were denied the opportunity to compare both candidates on a national stage.  Let's hope we see more debates and not just one more.

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