The Idaho Legislature has been given its marching order by Governor Brad Little.  The legislature must come up with a plan to fund the Medicaid expansion that over 61% of the voters approved last November.(Personally, I'd prefer the same direction for repealing the state's grocery tax, but that's another blog.)  Back to the expansion of Medicaid, it appears we have some movement on the funding and not everyone is happy about it.

The Post Register reports that a bill introduced by Nampa Republican Representative John Vander Woude will add work requirements to recipients as well as other requirements.   The bill was passed by the House and Welfare Committee and will move on to the full floor of the House for a vote.

The move sparked dissent from statehouse Democrats.  Representative Muffy Davis reacted to the vote, saying “Idahoans have been speaking out against work requirements since the legislature began.” Rep. Davis said. “They are costly and unnecessary. I am not interested in using precious tax dollars on a wasteful program whose only purpose is to deny healthcare to those that need it. It’s time to implement the will of the people.”

The move in Idaho follows a similar requirement passed recently in Utah reports CNN.  The Utah Bill does limit the amount of spending to the newly enrolled.  No word on whether or not that will happen in the Gem State.


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