Boise Police have issued guidelines on how to prevent theft and avoid being a victim of crime.The Treasure Valley is one of the safest communities in the country to live in.  Compared to other cities in the Northwest or nationally, crime is not a significant issue.  Most people in Idaho have to be reminded to lock their homes and car doors.

The Boise Police Department have issues some guidelines to help you avoid being a victim of crime.

Vehicle Burglary Prevention Reminders:

Most vehicle burglaries are crimes of opportunity.  Taking extra precautions can greatly reduce the chance of becoming a victim.  To help avoid becoming the victim of a vehicle burglary, you are urged to:


-A locked vehicle is safer.  Remember to close the widows or sunroof, even when parking at home.


-Remove valuables from plain view, even if the vehicle is locked.

-Unless going straight home, store all shopping bags and other purchases in the trunk.

-Don’t leave a trace of items that may be hidden “out of sight”.  For example: the suction cup on the dashboard may indicate there is a GPS inside.

-Do not leave the garage door opener in plain view.

-Carry registration and insurance cards with you or lock in the glove box.


-Remove all items from your car.  They cannot be stolen if they are not inside your car.

-Don't leave car, house, or work keys in the vehicle.



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