Idaho Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin must be doing something right in her quest to allow workers the choice to be vaccinated or not in Idaho.

The Idaho Statesman published a letter from the Idaho Association of Commerce that was critical of the lieutenant governor's efforts to reconvene the legislature. The letter stated referenced a poll conducted by the group saying that the majority favored the government not telling businesses what to do.

Well, polls are like opinions; everyone has one. How accurate was the IACI poll? I guess you get what you pay for with that one. However, if the government did not regulate businesses, we wouldn't have child labor laws in this country now, would we? Or the eight-hour workday? Or safety regulations for transportation? Wasn't it the same Idaho Legislative body that passes a law curtailing the state's attorney general's power to regulate the gasoline industry in our state? Did Lawrence Wasden abuse his power? No, he negotiated a settlement from the gas companies for overchargers during Covid. Yes, we should all trust the gasoline companies for a fair price at the pump.

The group Take A Stand Now has continued its public campaign to allow workers to choose 'freedom-loving Idaho. The group has put up electronic billboards. They've told us they've tried to reach out repeatedly to Speaker Bedke but haven't heard back from him. Several hospital workers revealed that they'd quit their jobs at Saint Luke's, Saint Alphonsus, and Primary Health rather than take the shot.

If you believe IACI, all is well, and Janice McGeachin is out of touch. If that were the case, why go to so much trouble to lobby lawmakers against the lieutenant governor? Perhaps, many legislators rightly hear the voices, not polled by IACI, who say 'Do Your Job and Protect Your People!'


Editor's note, odd that the letter was addressed to legislative leadership and yet still made it into the hands of the Idaho Statesman's.  Now that's what I call a great method of one-sided distribution.  Has the Statesman covered the Take A Stand Now folks?

Take a look at the photos below, do the people photographed resemble your friends and neighbors?

Nampa Workers Protest Photos

Nampa Hospital Workers Protest the Vax Mandate

Boise Hospital Workers Prostesters

Thousands gather at Saint Alphonsus in Boise

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