The culture wars continue in Idaho, and a federal judge has ruled in favor of parents, teachers, and conservatives. The Idaho Bathroom Bill that was passed by the legislature and signed by the governor will now go into effect. The decision by a federal judge was a victory for conservative pro-family groups.

Blaine Conzattie, president of the Idaho Family Policy Center, expressed his gratitude for the ruling. 

"All students—but especially our girls—deserve safety in vulnerable places like school bathrooms, changing rooms, and showers.

"We're thrilled that the federal judge agreed with what we've been saying all along—that this law is constitutionally sound and protects the privacy rights of all students.

"This law is incredibly popular statewide—more than 71% of likely Idaho voters want schools to keep biological males out of bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers designated for girls. I've spoken to a lot of parents across the state about this issue, and no parent wants a biological male showering next to their daughter after gym class."


The bill was sponsored by Representative Ted Hill of Eagle and Senator Ben Adams of Nampa. The bill was in response to several raucous school board meetings in Caldwell where a select group wanted to allow boys to use girl's bathrooms and vice versa. 

Federal Judge David Nye refused a request for a preliminary injunction of the bathroom bill, reported the Idaho Capital Sun. Schools are required to provide restrooms for students based on their birth gender. Schools have twenty-one days to prepare their facilities to accommodate the law. 

If schools violate the law by allowing opposite-sex students in restrooms, students can sue the school for $5,000. We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops. 

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