There are a lot of things that folks here in Idaho love. The great outdoors, patio season, dogs...I could go on. But I don't think anyone would disagree with me when I say that Idahoans LOVE their trucks.

I'm not just talking about any trucks. I'm talking about big, loud, fancy trucks.

Having gown up here in the Treasure Valley, I have, for my entire life, been fascinated by the desire for BIG trucks here in Idaho. Yes, that's coming from a local. Maybe I just didn't get the "big truck" gene. Or maybe my parents didn't instill the love for these things in me the way they should have? Shame on them.

If you drive a new Dodge Ram, officials and manufacturers are hoping that you will park that thing outdoors and NOT in your garage because of a serious fire hazard. Just over 20,000 trucks have been recalled (this is for the 2021 model) because they have heater electrical relays that can short and cause fires. Obviously, you wouldn't want that happening in your garage at home. According to the manufacturer, these fires can even start if the vehicles engine is OFF. The trucks being recalled have a 6.7-liter Cummins diesel engine. They are still working on a fix for this and an official recall is expected for the end of April. That is quite a ways away--so, PARK OUTSIDE.

If you're concerned about YOUR Dodge Ram catching fire, you can check the status of recalls on your specific vehicle by clicking HERE.

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