Idaho Governor Brad Little wasted no time supporting border security, sending Idaho State Troopers to help Texas and other states secure the border. The governor joined several other Republican governors reacting to the Biden Administration's continued lax, irresponsible open border policies. 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott defied the Supreme Court's decision allowing the Border Patrol to cut the concertina wire protecting Texas's border from the onslaught of illegal immigrants flooding into the Lone Star State.


Governor Little declared Friday, "Idaho Stands With Texas in Securing the Nation's Border Month." in Idaho. You can read the official proclamation here. He held nothing back in a written statement of support.

"We will work even harder to address the open border and its impacts because of the failure of the Biden-Harris administration to admit it's even a problem. Human trafficking is modern day slavery. The cartel and other bad actors are taking advantage of our open border to manipulate and abuse the most vulnerable, including children," Governor Little said in his State of the State speech. "To help curb human trafficking, my IDAHO WORKS plan calls for sending two more teams of Idaho State Police troopers to train and act as a force multiplier at our lawless southern border, as we did with fentanyl twice before."

Governor Little has seen the border crisis, visited the border, and listened to the folks who are directly impacted by the situation. 


The Texas border situation has turned into not only an international crisis but a constitutional one. The Supreme Court backed President Biden's plea to allow the Border Patrol to remove the wire. Governor Abbott has refused to comply, and now the world waits to see if the president will federalize the Texas National Guard. 

Republican and Democrat voters continue to say that the bungled border policy trails only the economy as one of their disappointments with the Biden Administration.

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