Not many people serve time in federal prison committing a misdemeanor. However, very few people in America are as committed to accountability and patriotism as Pam Hemphill. The sixty-nine-year-old grandmother returned to Idaho after serving a federal sentence for her role in the January 6th incident in Washington D.C.

The breast cancer survivor exclusively shared with us how she survived her sixty-day sentence. Ms. Hemphill told us that she had never been in trouble with the law before her arrest and conviction. Her time in prison was not without concern for her safety. She told us that the inmates bragged that they would make sure she never left the facility. Ms. Hemphill revealed that the inmates would bully her, hoping she would make a mistake that would add to her sentence.

They told her she would not survive prison without breaking the rules. Ms. Hemphill replied to the inmates that she would not break the rules. "That was hard," she said. "They would trick me on times that I could take a shower; they kept lying to me, oh, it's okay to give your food away when it's not okay to give your food away." She continued her chemo treatments while in prison.  


Ms. Hemphill is grateful to the thousands of Americans who took up her plight including several prominent national conservative talk show hosts. While in prison, she received hundreds of letters of encouragement from children across the country. The Idaho grandmother will enjoy retirement especially spending time with her dog who she enjoys taking on walks.  You can hear our entire interview with her below.

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