Snakes are incredible, beautiful and intimidating creatures. Did you know there are over 3,500 species of snakes around the globe? Snakes used to be worshiped. Now a days people usually steer clear. Today's World Snake Day and a great reminder to keep an eye out for the slithery creatures that are scattered around Idaho outdoors and wilderness. Going camping? Going hiking? Hunting? Walking your dog? Anything you do outdoors in summer time can certainly lead to a snake encounter.

Getting outdoors and enjoying the stunning nature that the gem state has to offer is one of the best things about living here. Being aware of the critters and potential dangers are important for native Idahoans and people new to the area.

It is also important to know with so many snakes in the state what is harmless (most are) and what to stay away from. According to the Idaho Statesman and Idaho Fish and Game, here are the types of snakes you are likely to encounter in Idaho.

Snakes in Idaho, What's Venomous & What's Harmless

We love Idaho and love the great outdoors that the gem state has to offer. Inevitably however, if you are outdoors enough, you will encounter a snake two. While many will run away from anything that slithers, it is helpful to know which snakes are common in Idaho and which ones are dangerous in Idaho.

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