Facing the prospect of another day of endless snowfall, the Idaho National Guard will now help Ada County with snow removal.  Idaho Guardsmen and equipment from the Idaho National Guard are preparing to assist the Ada County Highway District in snow removal operations around Boise over the weekend.

 This support comes as the Idaho National Guard is conducting their regularly scheduled monthly weekend drill, which already included snow removal training on its calendar.

“This is an excellent opportunity to take the training on this weekend’s drill schedule and put it to good use in the community,” said Maj. Gen. Gary Sayler, commander of the Idaho National Guard.  “Around this time each year we ramp up our snow removal capabilities to ensure we’re able to keep our assets and facilities ready to respond to a state emergency.”

This morning, ACHD and the Idaho National Guard Joint Staff are determining the best use of Idaho National Guard snow removal equipment and operators.

“We will be working in support of Ada County Highway District through Sunday primarily on snow removal operations,” Sayler said.  “They will advise us on where, when and how we can best provide them the support they need.”

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