With the help of Idaho Legal Services, two individuals have filed a lawsuit against the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, alleging Idaho conspired to deny them transition surgery. The case is already getting national attention from multiple media sources. 

The details of the case are emerging, and it involved government funding. The plaintiffs in the case are you, but they are adults; one is eighteen, and the other is twenty-one. The pair, through their lawyers, accuse IDHW of delaying or blocking Medicaid from paying for their gender transfer.

The lawsuit says that the leadership of Health and Welfare deemed the request to become a woman from a man cosmetic and not essential, reported the Daily Caller. 

Further details of the case are provided by the Idaho Capital Sun who was the first outlet to report the story.

"According to the complaint, 17 months have passed since the 21-year-old plaintiff identified as MH requested coverage for surgery that her providers said is medically necessary. The department, according to the complaint, has not provided a final decision or opportunity for a hearing to challenge the denial or delay."

"The complaint states the 18-year-old plaintiff identified as TB was told the department considered her surgery cosmetic, despite her health care providers stating it was medically necessary. The department has not granted a hearing to appeal the denial more than four months later, it says."

The term gender dysphoria has been applied to this case. You may recall that an Idaho inmate, convicted sexual predator, Adree Edmo, successfully argued they suffered from that condition to sue the state to pay for the surgery while incarcerated. Edmo recently received millions to pay for legal services involving the case. 

Highlights from the Lawsuit

Both plaintiffs have begun hormone therapy to transition.
They do not have the financial means to pay for the surgery and rely on Medicaid to pay for their transition. The pair are seeking compensation for injuries suffered from the denial of the surgery.

What is gender dysphoria?

The Mayo Clinic defines gender dysphoria as a condition where a person is not comfortable with their sex from birth. You can read more about the details of the state here.

What does the governor say about this lawsuit?

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