It pays to be a convicted child molester in the state of Idaho. Despite the best efforts by the governor and law enforcement, the state of Idaho will have to pay the attorneys of transgender convicted sexual predator Adree Edmo millions of dollars. The entire payment is $2.5 million, down from the requested $2.8 million.

A quick review of the Emdo case took years to determine an outcome. The legal issue brought forth by Edmo was whether the state was required to pay for an inmate's transgender surgery while serving their time in prison. Edmo's attorney's made the case that it was cruel and unusual punishment to house the criminal in a men's prison when they were transitioning to a female.

Emdo self-mutilated himself while incarcerated, claiming a condition called gender dysphoria. His case was the first or one of the first cases of a prisoner claiming that condition as a means to fund his transgender surgery. The state of Idaho fought in court for several years, eventually losing the case.

A look back at the case here.

Governor Little took to social media to react to the state having to pay a convicted child sexual predator millions of dollars.

Did Idaho Pay for Emdo Becoming A Female?

The answer to that question would be no; the Blaze reports on how the state avoided paying for Emdo to become a woman. 

"The insurance provider Corizon Correctional Healthcare struck a deal with Idaho DOC back in December, promising to pay for any legal fees awarded to Edmo, and in exchange, the state DOC agreed not to compel Corizon to cover its legal fees."

Edmo has been released after serving ten years. No word on how his victim is recovering after the assault.

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