The Biden Administration has recently announced plans to build high-voltage chargers for electric vehicles (EV) all across the country, including rural areas.

Their aim is to have half of all new vehicle sales be EV’s by the year 2030.

Many people have expressed their uncertainties and skepticism about this bold new plan, as they weigh the different pros and cons.


Pros of Biden’s Plan


  • Create an infrastructure that supports electric vehicles, as America is lagging behind other European countries in this department
  • Create more manufacturing jobs for electricians and other workers
  • Electric cars have less of a carbon footprint than regular vehicles
  • This could solve the current issue of the rising cost of gasoline


Cons Surrounding the Plan


  • The speediness of the timeline 
  • There would need to be a lot more charging stations in place than what this plan would provide
  • Because EV’s require less workers to build, this could lead to job losses for auto manufacturers and suppliers


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